Elevate your mushroom experience with our Roasted Garlic Butter Mushrooms—a flavorful and Weight W-friendly dish that combines the earthy richness of mushrooms with the savory goodness of roasted garlic butter. This recipe offers a delightful side or topping option that aligns seamlessly with your wellness goals.

Smart Ingredient Choices

Crafted with a mindful touch, these Roasted Garlic Butter Mushrooms feature fresh and hearty mushrooms, such as cremini or button mushrooms. The roasted garlic adds a depth of flavor without excessive calories, and using light or reduced-fat butter keeps the richness in check while maintaining a commitment to smart points.

Hearty Mushroom Base

Choose fresh and hearty mushrooms as the base for your dish. Mushrooms provide a satisfying texture and absorb the flavors of the garlic butter beautifully, making them the star of this Weight W-friendly recipe.

Roasted Garlic Infusion

Roast garlic to infuse the dish with a rich and slightly sweet garlic flavor. Roasting brings out the sweetness of garlic while mellowing its pungency, creating a harmonious blend with the mushrooms.

Light or Reduced-Fat Butter Brilliance

Opt for light or reduced-fat butter to maintain the creamy and rich texture of the dish without excessive points. This choice ensures that your Roasted Garlic Butter Mushrooms are indulgent yet mindful of your wellness journey.

Herb and Seasoning Enhancement

Incorporate fresh herbs such as thyme or rosemary, along with a sprinkle of salt and pepper, to enhance the overall flavor profile. These seasonings complement the mushrooms and garlic, creating a well-balanced and aromatic dish.

Roasting Brilliance

Roast your mushrooms to perfection, allowing them to absorb the flavors of the garlic butter and herbs. The roasting process enhances the natural umami of the mushrooms while creating a delicious and satisfying side or topping.

Smart Portion Control

Serve your Roasted Garlic Butter Mushrooms in reasonable portions to practice smart portion control. This approach allows you to enjoy the rich flavors without exceeding your daily SmartPoints.

Serving Suggestions

Enjoy your Roasted Garlic Butter Mushrooms as a side dish alongside grilled chicken or steak. Alternatively, use them as a topping for pasta, rice, or a bed of fresh greens for a versatile and flavorful meal.

Conclusion: Flavorful and W-W Approved

In conclusion, Roasted Garlic Butter Mushrooms are a flavorful and Weight W-approved delight. With smart ingredient choices, roasted garlic infusion, and a commitment to smart points, this dish invites you to savor the joy of a rich and satisfying mushroom creation without compromising your wellness journey. Make it a regular feature in your meal repertoire, celebrating the satisfaction that comes with Roasted Garlic Butter Mushrooms—a perfect blend of indulgence and health-consciousness.

This delicious Garlic Butter Mushrooms is the simplest side dish you will ever make! Just 5 minutes to prepare, oven baked and they’re perfect with almost anything. I love making them during the holidays and through out the year with steaks and other healthy proteins!

Garlic Butter Mushrooms make for an awesome appetizer or a delicious side dish. Succulent and meaty mushrooms are covered in garlic butter, seasoned then sprinkle with fresh herbs. It’s a classic side that’ll please the crowd!

32 oz. Baby Bella Mushrooms or Cremini, whole
⅓ cup butter melted
6 cloves garlic minced
1 tbsp. black pepper freshly cracked
2 tbsps. soy sauce low sodium or balsamic vinegar
½ tsp. salt to taste
1 tbsp parsley chopped for garnishing (optional)

Preheat oven to 400 F.
Rinse the mushrooms and pat them dry. Trim the stems edge and transfer to a sheet pan
In a bowl, add the butter and melt it in the microwave for 20 seconds. Add in the garlic, salt, black pepper and soy sauce and whisk well.
Pour the butter mixture onto the mushrooms and coat well.
Bake in the oven for 15 minutes, mixing them half way through. If you like the mushrooms to be over cooked, you can add additional time.
Remove from the oven and garnish with some freshly chopped parsley.

Use a preheated oven.
Use a non stick sheet pan or line a pan with foil for easy clean up.
If you prefer, you can halve or slice the mushrooms, just be sure to reduce the cooking time slightly and keep an eye on them.
Spread your mushrooms into one layer, so they cook evenly.
Add an twist with some Italian seasoning.
Want a spicy kick? Add some red chili flakes near the end of the cook time.
These mushrooms are best served immediately.
If you don’t have soy sauce you can use some balsamic vinegar.
Top with fresh herbs for a pop of freshness and color.

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